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Welcome To Swissvale
Swissvale Pennsylvania borders Pittsburgh directly east of the City,
enjoying direct access to city and suburb via the Parkway East
(Interstate 376) and to Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland via the Martin
Luther King Jr. East Busway. This stable community enjoys a diverse
population and economic base with a wide variety of housing,
shopping, employment, recreational and entertainment options close at

The Swissvale business district spans multiple streets including busy
Braddock Avenue as well as the East Busway. Swissvale station is
located in the business district, making Downtown Pittsburgh a short
and convenient 15 minute hassle-free ride. The district is pedestrian
friendly, having undergone a streetscape a short time ago, and boasts
over 100 different businesses that vary from retail and food to basic
goods and services with ample street and off-street parking available.

Commercial real estate opportunities abound within the area, featuring
traditional street-front properties of retail, office and multi-family
residential, as well as flexible use properties and strip shopping center
space. This site features those properties that are available for
purchase and/or for rent either directly by owner or through a
representing agent. Just click on the property list on this page to view
each profile.

This marketing effort is managed by the Mon Valley Initiative (MVI) with
funding from the Enterprise Zone Corporation (EZCB) in cooperation
with the Borough of Swissvale.

For additional information about specific properties:
contact the owners or agents listed on each page, or for general info
about Swissvale commercial real estate opportunities contact

Mark Harvey Smith
Disclaimer: Information provided by owners and other sources is deemed accurate, but not guaranteed. Please contact Mark Harvey Smith about any
discrepancies or additional property information. The Borough of Swissvale, MVI, EZCB and Mark Harvey Smith are not representing this or any other property
owner or their agents as broker or legal representative in the marketing and disposition of this or any other property being promoted through this or any other web
site. Please contact the owner or their designated real estate agent directly for additional property information.
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